"Lee's spirit is gentle, but his message is powerful. Like truth in any form, the truth he communicates is 'sharper than a two-edged sword,' yet at the same time, it heals the broken spirit."
-- Gloria Gaither
lyricist, author, and speaker

"Lee Domann's creative blend of musical offerings examines memories and everyday life to discover the Word made fresh. It touches the heart, the funnybone, and the spirit."
-- Tex Sample
Author & Professor Emeritus of Church and Society,
St. Paul School of Theology

"Lee writes good songs and sings them well. He takes you beyond the superficial idioms of much 'Christian music.' You'll be entertained, delighted, and moved."
-- The Reverend Dr. Brian A. Wren
Theologian and hymn writer

An ordained minister in the Kansas East Conference of the United Methodist, Lee Domann has been playing in church worship services and concerts since 1982, combining music with humor and storytelling. He has performed at more than 1,000 churches in the United States, Canada, and Germany. His songs have been recorded by such gospel music favorites as Jake Hess, the Gold City Quartet, Mark Lowry, Karen Peck, and The Bishops. In 2001 he was invited to sing "Howard Gray," a true story about "the kid nobody liked" in school at Bill and Gloria Gaither's 2001 Praise Gathering in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lee's focus is the good news of God's love for all people, emphasizing the practice of compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, and tolerance moving toward acceptance. His wit, humor, and vulnerability forge a deep connection with the listener.

Lee's style is reminiscent of Garrison Keillor, of National Public Radio's "The Prairie Home Companion." He has been called, "Garrison with Guitar." His presence and style reflect his varied roots: the open skies and often lonely spaces of his home state, Kansas; the journey of the spirit leading to Nashville for 27 years, and now to South Carolina.

His desire to live in faith and trust as he seeks to share his gifts of music enables him to respond to most booking requests. For more information, please click bookings.

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