Lee Domann - Educator. In December, 1981 Lee wrote a song, "Howard Gray," (lyric) about a child he participated in abusing in elementary school. The song has been his "calling card" as a songwriter ever since. It has been used in anti-bullying efforts in countless public and private schools across the nation and beyond. It offers a message of forgiveness, hope, and healing

In 1986 the "real Howard," Howard Ray of Topeka, KS heard the song, remembered the incident, and forgave Lee. In 1990 David Levine, an educator who had been using the song to great effect in New England, financed a simple fifteen minute video, "Through The Eyes of Howard Gray." The first portion is a music video with amateur child actors from Woodstock, NY re-enacting the story. The second part shows Lee and Howard discussing their story in the classroom in Oskaloosa, KS, where the bullying occured. Lee and Norma Wimberly, created a written study guide, "God Knows, God Forgives" for use in churches and other faith community settings. However, it often is adapted for use in public schools, as well.

As schools have used the video in the classroom they often have found it desirable and helpful to invite Lee to visit the children, listen to them share their experiences and feelings, and answer questions. For many years, due to reasons of health and the stresses of traveling, Howard had not participated in this. However, since January, 2007 he has joined Lee in classroom visits within short distance of Topeka. The effect has been powerful for children, teachers, counselors, as well as Howard and Lee. Media coverage has been excellent and very much appreciated as a means to give greater exposure to this well-proven educational tool.

If you are a professional educator, or someone who would like to see Howard and Lee come to a school near you, please contact Lee.

More extensive information about Howard and the song's history is available at the "Story of Howard Gray" link.