Songwriting Workshops

"Lee facilitated a songwriting workshop that created a safe place for the creative process and provided insights into the reality of the business side of songwriting.  The information was infused with mystery and magic and stirred up the creative juices in all who were there." 
  Glendora Davis, Outreach Programming
St. Mark's United Methodist Church
Overland Park, KS

Songwriting Mysteries:  Creation and Craft is a six-hour interactive experience for songwriters and those who would like to be.  The emphasis is upon songwriting as a spiritual discipline.  The morning session addresses such questions as "Where do songs come from?  Who am I writing for?  Me, others, the Creator/Muse itself?  All of the above? "   The afternoon session  provides opportunity for directed co-writing based on a step-by-step approach suggested by Nashville songwriting legend, Tom T. Hall.
A follow-up workshop, Resurrect - Reflect - Rewrite, offers direction and encouragement in the critical process of rewriting both older and more recent songs.  It's NEVER too late to make a good song a great one!
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